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{{#customTitle:IIXC_Page Interface}}
{{#customTitle:IIXC_Page Interface}}
{{#parentPage:PXV:IXC|IIXC_Page Interface|interface}}
{{#parentPage:PXV:IXC_Interfaces|IIXC_Page Interface|interface}}

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The page object interface of the PDF-XChange Editor SDK.


AdjustHLS CountColorsEx GetPixel Scale
AlphaPlace Crop GetPixelIndex SetChannelPixel
AlphaTile Deskew Histogramm SetPixel
ApplyAlpha DrawToDC Invert SetPixelIndex
AutoContrast Fill InvertChannel Shear
Clone FillChannel IsGrayScale StdMatrixFilter
ColorBalance FilterMedian LockPageBlock StretchDraw
ConvertToFormat FilterMosaic Place StretchDraw2
CopyChannel FilterNoise PrintToDC TableFilter
CopyToClipboard Flip ReplaceColor Tile
Correction FreeRotate Rop3 ToGrayScale
CountColors GetChannelPixel Rotate UnlockPageBlock


DpiX Format Rect Width
DpiY Height