IIXC_Page::Deskew Method

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The method examines the page to determine if it is necessary to rotate the page to orient the image parallel to the axis. This function is useful for adjusting the orientation of scanned images.


HRESULT Deskew([in]  ULONG           nBkColor,
               [in]  IXC_FreeRotate  nType,
               [in]  ULONG           nFlags);


[in] Specifies the background color to be used for page rotation. For more information see method IIXC_Page::FreeRotate.
[in] Specifies the method of rotation to be used. See method IIXC_Page::FreeRotate for more information about possible values.
[in] Combination of flags which specifies how the data will be copied. For more details about this parameter, see enum IXC_ColorFlags.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.

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