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The main ActiveX Object of the PDF-XChange Editor SDK which provides general functionality and provides access to additional extensions within the SDK.

The objects GUID is:


The interface control is:


How to Instantiate

You standard means to instantiate the object is provided for by using the CoCreateInstance function or by any other method that is appropriate for the instantiation of regular ActiveX-objects using your preferred programming language/tool.

For example, in C#:

AxPDFXEdit.AxPXV_Inst pdfInst = new AxPDFXEdit.AxPXV_Inst();

In VB6:

Dim pdfInst As PDFXEdit.PXV_Inst
Set pdfInst = New PDFXEdit.PXV_Inst

In C++:

CComPtr<IPXV_Inst> spPDFInst;
HRESULT hr = CoCreateInstance(__uuidof(PXV_Inst), nullptr, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, __uuidof(IPXV_Inst), (void**)&spPDFInst);

Or you may get a pointer to the interface by using IPXV_Inst. For example, in C++:

typedef HRESULT (__cdecl *t_pPXV_GetInstance)(IPXV_Inst** ppInst);

#if defined _M_IX86
#define SDK_LIB_NAME	L"PDFXEditCore.x86.DLL"
#define SDK_LIB_NAME	L"PDFXEditCore.x64.DLL"

CComPtr<IPXV_Inst> spPDFInst;
t_pPXV_GetInstance pfn = (t_pPXV_GetInstance)GetProcAddress(hSDKLib, "PXV_GetInstance");
HRESULT hr = pfn(&spPDFInst);

- using this method it is possible to use the SDK without regular installation as a COM-server on a client machine and this will function in most circumstances as required. However one important exception is that you may not instantiate the simple ActiveX Control using the described method (PXV_Control).

How to Use

To instantiate the Simple ActiveX you must first call the IPXV_Inst::Init function before any use of the SDK. This is required only once and if you have already previously created a PXV_Control object this does not have to be repeated again. It is also essential when all tasks are completed and use of the SDK is no longer required that you call IPXV_Inst::Shutdown to release all used resource and correctly close all working threads, etc. However, if the IPXV_Inst::Init method has not been called directly and only the simple PXV_Control is used, no such call is required. In conclusion, the IPXV_Inst::Shutdown method should be called for each and every instance IPXV_Inst::Init called.