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Options Table

Name Type Value
NewDoc Dictionary Specifies the parameters for the new document that would be created if DocID parameter of the TargetDoc dictionary is not valid.
TargetDoc Dictionary Specifies the target document where the RTF documents would be inserted.
RelPathMode Integer Specifies how the file links in the RTF document will be processed.

Possible values are:

0 (KeepExist) Write links into documents without changes.
1 (MakeAbsolute) Convert all links to absolute path links
2 (MakeRelative) Convert all links to relative path links

Default value: 0 (KeepExist)

ReplaceExt Boolean Specifies...

Default value: false

NewDoc Table

Name Type Value
PDFSpec Integer Specifies...

Default value: -1

PDFStandard Integer Specifies...

Default value: 0

AdobeExtLevel Integer Specifies...

Default value: 0

TargetDoc Table

Name Type Value
DocID Integer Specifies...

Default value: 0

Location Integer Flag, that specifies the way of inserting new pages into existing document.

Possible values are:

0 (Before) Means, pages will be inserted before specified Position
1 (After) Means, pages will be inserted after specified Position

Default value: 1 (After)

Position Integer Specifies the page index, according to which the new generated pages will be inserted using Location flag. -1 means insert at the end of the document.

Default value: -1