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Options Table

Name Type Value
FileName String Specifies the name of the resulting file.

Default value: Empty String

Format String Specifies the resulting file format (FDF, XFDF, XML or Text).

Default value: FDF

ExportAnnots Boolean Specifies whether the annotations need to be exported.

Default value: false

ExportFields Boolean Specifies whether the form fields need to be exported.

Default value: false

cHRef String Specifies a device independent path that would be displayed in the resulting file. If empty - the document's path will be used.

Default value: Empty String

IncludeEmptyFields Boolean Specifies whether the empty fields should be exported.

Default value: false

ExcludePassword Boolean Specifies whether the text fields with password flag will be exported.

Default value: true

ExportFieldFlags Boolean Specifies whether the field flags should be exported.

Default value: false

FieldNames Array Array of String

Specifies the names of the fields that should be exported.

DestFile IUnknown Specifies the destination file into which the comments and fields will be exported. Can be IAFS_Name, IAFS_File or IStream.