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Options Table

Name Type Value
Page Integer Specifies the page where the image would be placed onto.

Default value: 0

Pos Dictionary Specifies the boundary rectangle of the placed image.
AlignMode Integer Specifies the horizontal and vertical align flags.

Vertical: Top - 0, Center - 4, Bottom - 8

Horizontal: Left - 0, Middle - 1, Right - 2

Default value: 0

AutoRotate Boolean Specifies whether to neutralize the page_rotation + view_rotation automatically.

Default value: true

AdvRotate Double Specifies advanced CCW rotation.

Default value: 0.0

AsStamp Boolean Specifies whether the inserted image should be inserted as stamp or as a part of the page content.

Default value: true

Src IUnknown Specifies the source data (IString, IAFS_Name, IAFS_File, IStream, IIXC_Image ).
SrcFrameIndex Integer Specifies the image's page number.

Default value: 0