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Options Table

Name Type Value
Type String Specifies the type of the barcode that should be added.

Default value: QRCode

Page Integer Specifies the destination page where the barcode would be placed at.

Default value: 0

Pos Dictionary Specifies barcode bound rectangle.
AlignMode Integer Specifies the alignment flags of the barcode.

Possible values are:


Top - 0, Middle - 4, Bottom - 8


Left - 0, Center - 1, Right - 2 Default value: 0

AutoRotate Boolean Specifies whether the page's rotation should be included when placing the barcode.

Default value: true

AdvRotate Double Specifies the barcode's rotation angle in degrees.

Default value: 0.0

BgColor String Specifies the barcode's background color.

Default value: N

Color String Specifies the barcode color. Note that each value should be from 0 to 255.

Default value: rgbd(0,0,0)

AsVector Boolean Specifies whether the barcode should be in vector format.

Default value: true

DPI Integer Specifies the barcode's DPI.

Default value: 200

AsStamp Boolean Specifies whether the barcode should be added as stamp annotation or as part of the pages content.

Default value: true

Data String Specifies barcode's data.

Default value: Empty String

ECCLevel Integer Specifies barcode's error correction level.

Default value: 1

WhiteSpaceSize Double Specifies the size of the whitespace that will be used when drawing the barcode. Note that 0 size will use a default size specific to the barcode type.

Default value: 0.0