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Options Table

Name Type Value
Title String Specifies the title of the new bookmark.

Default value: Empty String

Color String Specifies the color of the bookmark in string representation.

Default value: rgbd(0,0,0)

Style Integer Specifies the PXC_BookmarkStyle flags of the bookmark.

Default value: 0

Parent IUnknown Specifies the parent IPXC_Bookmark.
InsertBefore Integer Specifies the bookmark before which the new bookmark will be inserted. Using the default value will insert the bookmark as the last item of the parent.

Default value: -1

Actions IUnknown Specifies the IPXC_ActionsList of the bookmark. Note that if the Actions and Dest parameters are both specified then only the Actions will be used.
Dest Dictionary Specifies the destination parameters that can be used when the actions list is not specified.