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Options Table

Name Type Value
NewDoc IUnknown Specifies a destination document (IPXC_Document) for moving annotations.

If NewDoc == NULL or NewDoc is current document - to stay in the same document

NewPageIndex Integer Specifies index of destination page for moving annotations.

If NewPageIndex < 0 or NewPageIndex is index of current page - to stay on the same page.

Default value: -1

NewIndexOnPage Integer Specifies index which used for inserting annotations into destination page. This index take effect for tab-ordering and for overlay annotations.

(NewIndexOnPage == -2) && (<NewPage> == <CurPage>) - to keep existing z-order

(NewIndexOnPage < 0) && (<NewPage> != <CurPage>) - place to end of annots list on <NewPage>

(NewIndexOnPage == -1) && (<NewPage> == <CurPage>) - place to end of annots list on <CurPage>

Default value: -2

PageRotationDelta Integer Specifies an angle for compensation differential between source pages rotation and destination pages rotation. Page rotation combine own page rotation + rotation set by user (viewRotation).

Must be multiple by 90.

Can be negative.

Default value: 0

Copy Boolean If this value is true then annotations will be copied, original annotations will not be deleted.

Default value: false

DX Double Specifies offset by X axis for a new annotation.

Default value: 0.0

DY Double Specifies offset by Y axis for a new annotation.

Default value: 0.0