IUIX_RangesNavigator Interface

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The interface of object of PDF-XChange Editor SDK.

IUIX_RangesNavigator extends IUIX_ObjImpl interface.

Object is designed to control the ranges properties (such as page numbering in PDF).

Can be created with UIX_RangesNavigatorStyleFlags options (UIX_RangesNavigatorStyle_NoUndoRedo, UIX_RangesNavigatorStyle_NoLabels etc...).


BeginHistoryGroup GetMinMaxForRange Redo SetThumbCallback
ClearModifiedState GetRangeFromPos RemoveRange SplitRange
DiscardChangesHistory GetRangeFromXPos Reset Undo
EndHistoryGroup LockChangesHistory SetCustomLabelsProvider UnlockChangesHistory
GetMinMax MakeRangeStartVisible SetMinMax UpdateThumb


CanRedo MaxZoom RangeData RangeStart
CanUndo MinZoom RangeEnd SelRange
IsModified NotifyTarget RangesCount Zoom