IUIX_InfoBtn::BindToBuddyCtl Method

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Binds info button to a required object of IUIX_Obj interface.

Info button will normally be displayed at the right part of the object it was bound to.

See Parameters section for other details.


HRESULT BindToBuddyCtl([in]  IUIX_Obj*  pBuddyCtl);


[in] Object of IUIX_Obj interface that info button will be bound to. Note, that pBuddyCtl must implement either IUIX_Label, IUIX_Edit interface or IUIX_Combo interface with implemented IUIX_Edit interface (editable combo box).

Return Value

Returns S_OK if the operation was successful, or will return an error code if it fails.

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