IUIX_Dialog::CheckItem2 Method

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Changes state of an item in a dialog to checked or unchecked by item's numerical ID.

This method can be applied only to objects of IUIX_Label interface with radio box or check box flags specified.


HRESULT CheckItem2([in]                    LONG          nItemID,
                   [in]                    LONG          nNewCheckState,
                   [in, defaultvalue(-1)]  VARIANT_BOOL  bUpdateRadioGroup);


[in] numerical ID of an item that is to be checked/unchecked.
[in] Checks an item if set to TRUE, unchecks if set to FALSE.
[in, defaultvalue(-1)] if set to VARIANT_TRUE, updates state of all radio boxes of the same group unchecking items that were in a checked state.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if the operation was successful, or will return an error code if it fails.

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