IPXS_PDFVariant::Arr_SetNameR Method

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Insert new variant with type PVT_Name and specified value into array container.


HRESULT Arr_SetNameR([in]  ULONG   nPos,
                     [in]  UCHAR*  nVal,
                     [in]  ULONG   nValLen);


[in] Specifies index of element to replace. If it is greater or equal to array size function will return E_INVALIDARG.
[in] Pointer to array of UCHAR values, which represent name in raw format (same bytes as stored in pdf file, except preciding "/" character and with #?? sequences decoded, for example /A#41 will be represented as two bytes array with hex codes 41 41, or ASCII string AA).
Please note that this function has lower performance than Arr_InsertNameA because Raw data >> name conversion, so it is strongly not recommended to use it when adding 'common' pdf names.
[in] Specifies number of bytes in raw name representation.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.

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