IPXS_PDFVariant::Arr_InsertNameR Method

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Insert new variant with type PVT_Name and specified value into array container.


HRESULT Arr_InsertNameR([in]                    UCHAR*  nVal,
                        [in]                    ULONG   nValLen,
                        [in, defaultvalue(-1)]  ULONG   nBefore);


[in] Pointer to array of UCHAR values, which represent name in raw format (same bytes as stored in pdf file, except preciding "/" character and with #?? sequences decoded, for example /A#41 will be represented as two bytes array with hex codes 41 41, or ASCII string AA).
Please note that this function has lower performance than Arr_InsertNameA because Raw data >> name conversion, so it is strongly not recommended to use it when adding 'common' pdf names.
[in] Specifies number of bytes in raw name representation.
[in, defaultvalue(-1)] Specifies index of element before which we will insert new one. If index is greater or equal array size new element will be inserted at the end of array.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.

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