IPXS_PDFVariant::Arr_InsertFloats Method

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Insert new variants with type PVT_Double and specified values into array container.


HRESULT Arr_InsertFloats([in]                    float*  nVals,
                         [in]                    ULONG   nCount,
                         [in, defaultvalue(-1)]  ULONG   nBefore,
                         [in, defaultvalue(-1)]  LONG    nPrec);


[in] Pointer to array of float values that will be used to initialize corresponding variants.
[in] Count of new variants.
[in, defaultvalue(-1)] Specifies index of element before which we will insert new one. If index is greater or equal array size new element will be inserted at the end of array.
[in, defaultvalue(-1)] Expected precision in PDF file. Valid range is from 1 to Precision_Max (15). All other values will be replaced by Precision_Default (6).

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.

See Also

IPXS_PDFVariant::Arr_InsertDoubles, IPXS_PDFVariant