IPXC_Pages::InsertPage Method

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Inserts new empty page to the core document.


HRESULT InsertPage([in]                       ULONG                nBefore,
                   [in]                       PXC_Rect*            stMediaBox,
                   [out, defaultvalue(NULL)]  IPXC_UndoRedoData**  pUndoData,
                   [out, retval]              IPXC_Page**          pNewPage);


[in] Select page before which the new page will be inserted. Note that entering value that exceeds or is equal to the pages count in the core document will insert new page after the last page. Entering a value of zero (0) will place the empty page before the first page in the document.
[in] Pointer to PXC_Rect containing the dimensions of the new page's media box.
[out, defaultvalue(NULL)] Pointer to IPXC_UndoRedoData containing the filled Undo/Redo data if any was given to be filled.
[out, retval] Pointer to IPXC_Page containing the newly created page.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.

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