IPXC_AnnotData Interface

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This interface is the base superclass for all annotations data. While IPXC_Annotation interface is common for all types of PDF annotations, every type will have own interface of data delivered from this base one. Each individual interfaces represents a data and logic specific for corresponding type of annotation. That base interface contains only common properties for all annotations.

PDF-XChange PDF SDK provides derived interfaces for most common annotations types. For custom annotation type, developer should implement own interfaces of annotation handler and annotation data.


AnnotType Border Contents Rotation
BlendMode Color Opacity

See Also

IPXC_Annotation::Data, IPXC_AnnotHandler::CreateNewAnnotData, IPXC_AnnotHandler::GetAnnotData, IPXC_AnnotHandler::LoadAnnotData, IPXC_AnnotHandler::SaveAnnotData, IPXV_AnnotHandler::InAnnotHandlerByData