IIXC_Page::UnlockPageBlock Method

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The method unlocks a portion of the page that was previously locked by a call to IIXC_Page::LockPageBlock.


HRESULT UnlockPageBlock([in]  IXC_PageBlockData*  stBlockData);


[in] Pointer to a IXC_PageBlockData structure that was previously passed to IIXC_Page::LockPageBlock.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.


IIXC_Page::LockPageBlock and IIXC_Page::UnlockPageBlock must be used as a pair. A call to the IIXC_Page::LockPageBlock function of the page establishes a temporary buffer that you can use to read or write pixel data. After you write to the temporary buffer, a call to IIXC_Page::UnlockPageBlock copies the pixel data in the buffer to the page.

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