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Options Table

Name Type Value
Flags Integer Specifies the flags for the operation.
1 (CropMode) The CropMode option will remove everything that is not within the Redaction Annotation boundaries. When using this option, there can only be one Redaction Annotation on page with one Quad inside, - others will be ignored. Also all of the Overlay parameters will be ignored. Redacted images will be cropped. The size of images will be reduced.
2 (KeepRedactAnnots) The redaction annotations won't be removed after redaction.
4 (OmitAnnots) The annotations (all except redaction annotations) won't be removed when the redaction will be applied.
Progress IUnknown Specifies a object based on IProgressMon interface. This object realise progress bar for operation.
SubProgress Boolean Specifies whether the Progress is a top-level progress, or a part of another progress bar.

Default value: false