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Options Table

Name Type Value
Type Integer Specifies the type of the data that will be used in the Pages Range.

The list of possible values are shown in the table.

Default value: -1 (Auto)

Filter Integer Specifies the filter that will be applied to the data from the Pages Range type.

Possible values are:

1 (All) All pages will be used.
4 (Odd) Only odd pages will be used.
5 (Even) only even pages will be used.

Default value: 1 (All)

Text String Specifies the text that will be used as range. This property is used with 6 (Exact) type.

Default value: Empty String

Reversed Boolean Specifies whether the range should be read from it's end to the beginning or not.

Default value: false

Array Array Array of Integer

Specifies the array of values that will be used as a Pages Range. This property is used with 7 (Array) type.

Custom Integer Specifies the custom page. This property is used with 10 (CustomRect) type.

Default value: -1

CustomRect Dictionary Specifies the custom rectangle. This property is used with 10 (CustomRect) type.
Current Integer Specifies the current page. This property is used with 8 (Current) type.

Default value: 0

CurrentRect Dictionary Specifies the current rectangle. This property is used with 9 (CurrentRect) type.

See Also

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