PXV_PaperType Enumeration

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{{#customTitle:PXV_PaperType Enumeration}}
{{#customTitle:PXV_PaperType Enumeration}}
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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
See also [[PXV:IPXV_PageSizeCtl_PaperType]], StdPaperID
[[PXV:IPXV_PageSizeCtl_PaperType]], StdPaperID

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Specifies the method for document page size specification


enum PXV_PaperType
    PaperType_Undefined = -1,
    PaperType_Document  = 0,
    PaperType_Standard  = 1,
    PaperType_Custom    = 2,
    PaperType_BySource  = 3,


Undefined value.
The size of the new document page is taken from the page of the document in position where the new page will be inserted.
The size of the document page is specified by the one of the standart page sizes (A4, ANSI B, JIS B3, etc) (see StdPaperID)
The width and height of the document page is specified directly
The size of the new document page is defined by the source - f.e. taken from the image when this image is being inserted as a new page

See Also

IPXV_PageSizeCtl::PaperType Property, StdPaperID