PXV_Control CoClass

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The simple ActiveX Control that, when OLE-embedded to a form or window, provides base functionality for the viewing and changing of PDF documents.

The control's GUID is:


The control's interface is:


The control's event sink interface is:


How to Instantiate

The easiest way to instantiate the control is to place the control on your form in form-designer mode. Otherwise, you may instantiate the control without placement, but it may be difficult in some programming languages. In C# for example:

AxPDFXEdit.AxPXV_Control pdfCtl = new AxPDFXEdit.AxPXV_Control();

How to Use

Firstly, to prevent showing DEMO labels on the various pages, we recommended specifying your PDF-XChange Editor SDK developer's license key using the IPXV_Control:SetLicKey method. After that you will be able to use whole API without generating DEMO labels.

Next, the most popular features you may wish to begin with are: