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The main ActiveX Object of PDF-XChange Core API SDK that provides part of general functionality to work with PDF and gives access to an additional extensions of SDK.

The GUID of object is:


The interface of control is:


How to Instantiate

You may instantiate the object in standard way by using the CoCreateInstance function or by any other method that is appropriate for instantiating of regular ActiveX-objects in your programming language.

For example, in C#:

AxPDFXCoreAPI.AxPXC_Inst pdfInst = new AxPDFXCoreAPI.AxPXC_Inst();

In VB6:

Dim pdfInst As PDFXCoreAPI.PXC_Inst
Set pdfInst = New PDFXCoreAPI.PXC_Inst

In C++:

CComPtr<IPXC_Inst> spPDFInst;
HRESULT hr = CoCreateInstance(__uuidof(PXC_Inst), nullptr, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, __uuidof(IPXC_Inst), (void**)&spPDFInst);

Also, exists other special way to get pointer to IPXC_Inst interface. For example, in C++:

typedef HRESULT (__cdecl *t_pPXC_GetInstance)(IPXC_Inst** ppInst);

#if defined _M_IX86

CComPtr<IPXC_Inst> spPDFInst;
t_pPXC_GetInstance pfn = (t_pPXC_GetInstance)GetProcAddress(hSDKLib, "PXC_GetInstance");
HRESULT hr = pfn(&spPDFInst);

- with this special method you will be able to use SDK without regular installation as COM-server on client machine.

NOTE: in context of PDF-XChange Editor SDK this object has different GUID:


and you have only two ways to get access to it:

  • A. By using CoCreateInstance. For example, in C#:
AxPDFXEdit.AxPXC_Inst pdfCoreInst = AxPDFXEdit.AxPXC_Inst();
  • B. By getting pointer to IPXC_Inst interface as extension. For example, in C++:
AxPDFXEdit.AxPXV_Inst pdfInst;
AxPDFXEdit.AxPXC_Inst pdfCoreInst = (AxPDFXEdit.AxPXC_Inst)pdfInst.GetExtension("PXC");

How to Use

Firstly you need call IPXV_Inst::Init function before any use of the SDK. But, if you've created a PXV_Control object before, you may not call this function, because it has already been done through the creating of PXV_Control-object. Another important point: when you finishing work with the SDK, you should call IPXV_Inst::Shutdown method to release all used resources, to stop correctly all working threads, etc. But, if IPXV_Inst::Init method had not been called directly and only simple PXV_Control was used, then you may not call it. Also, in conclusion, the IPXV_Inst::Shutdown method should be called the same number of times as IPXV_Inst::Init was called.