PXC_DrawToDeviceFlags Enumeration

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Specifies different render modes used in IPXC_Page::DrawToDevice method.


enum PXC_DrawToDeviceFlags
    DDF_AsVector             = 0x0001,
    DDF_AsGrayscale          = 0x0002,
    DDF_ForceAsColor         = 0x0004,
    DDF_EmbeddedFontAsCurves = 0x0010,
    DDF_AllFontsAsCuves      = 0x0030,


When set the page content will be rendered as vector graphic whenever it is possible (via GDI functions). Otherwise, the content will be rasterized and drawn as an image.
When set, forces rendering to be done in grayscale. Should not be used together with the DDF_ForceAsColor flag.
When set, forces rendering to be done in color. If both DDF_ForceAsColor and DDF_ForceAsColor flags are not set, color mode is chosen automatically.
When set, embedded fonts will be rendered as outlines. Otherwise, for some type of fonts, a temporarily installed font may be used.
Whe set, all fonts will be rendered as outlines.