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As with all of our developer tools this SDK can used without functional or time limitation by developers to ensure satisfaction prior to purchase, however each and every page Printed, Created or Modified (if saved) will have an evaluation watermark embedded to identify the fact this has been performed using an evaluation, non licensed version.

WARNING. Do not use any source material (e.g. PDF file) when evaluating this SDK that you do not have a safe, unmodified original for as evaluation watermarks cannot easily be removed even by a licensed product!

When you are fully satisfied that this SDK fulfills your needs (you may even create distribution ready applications prior to purchase) only then should you purchase your license and acquire a valid license key, embed this within your source code using the appropriate provided functions as detailed below.

For the PDF-XChange Editor SDK please pass your license key using either IPXV_Control::SetLicKey method when using the ActiveX control (PXV_Control object) OR IPXV_Inst::Init method when the ActiveX control is not used.

For the PDF-XChange Core SDK please pass your key using the IPXC_Inst::Init method call.

Which License do you need?

Firstly the PDF-XChange Editor SDK license covers the entire range of functionality as represented to your users by the rich UI of the PDF-XChange Editor embedded within your own applications and controlled either in part or entirely directly by the interaction of the End User with the interface offered or by your application and the functions offered and in your programmatic control. The full Editor SDK also allows you to access and offer the NON-UI based functionality of the PDF-XChange Core API SDK and all its creation and manipulation features.

Secondly the PDF-XChange Core API SDK license provides access to all the NON-UI based functionality available for the creation and manipulation of files - but does not allow you to utilize or offer to your uses in anyway the UI functionality of the PDF-XChange Editor User Interface.

Also please note that both SDK's are Royalty based via the purchase of Client Distribution License Packs (CDLP's - which are available in various volume pack sizes) and whilst you can fully develop and test all your applications using the evaluation SDK, prior to distribution of an application making use of this SDK to any end-user client requires the pre-purchase of CDLP's at an appropriate volume to satisfy your needs.

More information regarding Pricing and licensing Terms and Conditions is available from the pages below;

PDF-XChange Editor SDK General info and pricing click here.

PDF-XChange Editor SDK License Terms and Conditions click here.

PDF-XChange Core API SDK General info and pricing - coming soon.

PDF-XChange Core API SDK License Terms and Conditions - coming soon.