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The SDKs require a license key and work in demo-mode when no key provided. The entire SDK is available in the demo-mode, but any saving of the PDF files will add demo-watermarks to these files as well as additional demo-labels will appear on rendering of each page. So, please be careful working with documents when the SDK in demo-mode as you may overwrite your files and add demo-watermarks on each page of it! Demo-labels that appear on rendered pages in demo-mode do not modify the document at all.

When you have your license key, you need to set it using IPXV_Control::SetLicKey Method, in case if you are using ActiveX control (PXV_Control ActiveX Control object) or using IPXV_Inst::Init Method when the ActiveX control is not used.

If you are not using the PDF-XChange Editor SDK, but use PDF-XChange Core API SDK, please pass your key to the IPXC_Inst::Init call.

More information about licensing can be found <there>.

To get your PDF-XChange Editor SDK license key – <click here>. To get your PDF-XChange Core API SDK license key – <click here >.