IXC_PageBlockData Structure

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Specifies the attributes of a locked block of a page.


struct IXC_PageBlockData
    ULONG  Width;
    ULONG  Height;
    LONG   Stride;
    ULONG  reserved;
    UCHAR* pData;


The number of pixels in one scan line of the locked portion of the page.
The number of scan lines in the locked portion of the page.
Offset, in bytes, between consecutive scan lines of the page.
Reserved for internal usage, and must be not modified by the user.
Pointer to the first (index 0) scan line of the locked portion of the page.


The IXC_PageBlockData structure is returned by PXV:IIXC_Page::LockPageBlock as part of the page block locking process, and used subsequently by IIXC_Page::UnlockPageBlock Method to unlock the page block. It should NOT be modified in any way!

See Also

IIXC_Page::LockPageBlock, IIXC_Page::UnlockPageBlock