IUIX_Inst::ShowMsgBoxEx Method

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Displays configurable message box.

Set required message box properties via pConfig parameter of UIX_MsgBoxConfig type.


HRESULT ShowMsgBoxEx([in]                               UIX_MsgBoxConfig*  pConfig,
                     [out]                              LONG*              pOptionState,
                     [out]                              LONG*              pSelectedRadioID,
                     [out]                              BSTR*              ppEditText,
                     [out, retval, defaultvalue(NULL)]  LONG_PTR*          pRes);


[in] specifies message box properties via UIX_MsgBoxConfig structure.
[out] Pointer to LONG.
[out] returns numerical id of selected radio button (if message box was configured to display radio buttons). Set this parameter to NULL if this value is not required.
[out] returns text entered by user in edit box (if message box was configured to display edit box). Set this parameter to NULL if no edit text value is required.
[out, retval, defaultvalue(NULL)] returns UIX_MsgBoxResult result value of button pressed on the end of message box.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if the operation was successful, or will return an error code if it fails.

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