IUIX_Inst::GetCursorID Method

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Gets the ID by the cursor's name.


HRESULT GetCursorID([in]           BSTR   sCursorName,
                    [out, retval]  LONG*  nCursorID);


[in] Value of BSTR containing the cursor name. Possible values are:

hand.up hand.down article.onstart article.next article.prev article.tostart article.toend zoom.in zoom.out zoom.na drag.move drag.copy drag.delete draw.inside draw.node text.inside cross cross.minus cross.plus knee.h knee.v snapshot loupe text.select.h text.select.v link link.web pen pen_up mcs.up mcs.topright mcs.right mcs.bottomright mcs.down mcs.bottomleft mcs.left mcs.topleft

[out, retval] Pointer to LONG containing the cursor ID.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.

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