IPXV_Inst::GetStdFolder Method

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Gets full path to special program folder.


HRESULT GetStdFolder([in]                   PXV_StdFolderID  nFolderID,
                     [in]                   VARIANT_BOOL     bUser,
                     [in, defaultvalue(0)]  VARIANT_BOOL     bCreateIfNotExists,
                     [out, retval]          BSTR*            ppFolderPath);


[in] Value of PXV_StdFolderID enumeration.
[in] The boolean flag that indicates what type of path should be in output: application's or user's. For example, by default, for identifier PXV_StdFolder_Root and when bUser is specified to false the function will return:
c:\Program Files\Tracker Software\PDF Editor\
but with bUser specified to true:
c:\Users\root\AppData\Roaming\Tracker Software\PDFXEditor\3.0\
[in, defaultvalue(0)] Indicates whether to create specified folder path when it does not exist.
[out, retval] Returns the full path to the specified folder, always contains '\' letter at the end.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.

See Also

IPXV_Inst, IPXV_Inst::SetStdFolder