IPXS_PDFVariant::Arr_GetStringR Method

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The Returns the value of a specified element of an array as array of bytes (raw data from PDF). If specified element type is not PVT_String or index is out of range function return S_FALSE and nLen is set to 0 (zero).


HRESULT Arr_GetStringR([in]   ULONG   nIndex,
                       [out]  UCHAR*  nBuf,
                       [in]   ULONG   nBufLen,
                       [out]  ULONG*  nLen);


[in] Specifies the index of the array element.
[out] Pointer to UCHAR buffer, to which string data will be copied. If it is NULL no data copying required and nLen will receive size of raw data. If both of these pointers are NULL function will return E_INVALIDARG.
[in] Specify maximum size of raw data to be copied.
[out] Pointer to variable which receive raw data size (always, even when function copy some data into buffer with truncation).

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.

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