IPXC_Pages::AddEmptyPages Method

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Adds new empty pages to the IPXC_Document core document.


HRESULT AddEmptyPages([in]                       ULONG                nBefore,
                      [in]                       ULONG                nCount,
                      [in]                       PXC_Rect*            mediaBox,
                      [in, defaultvalue(NULL)]   IProgressMon*        pProgress,
                      [out, defaultvalue(NULL)]  IPXC_UndoRedoData**  ppUndoData);


[in] Select page before which the new pages will be inserted. Note that entering value which exceeds or is equal to the pages count in the IPXC_Document core document will insert new pages after the last page. Entering a value of zero (0) will place the empty pages before the first page in the document.
[in] Number of empty pages which will be inserted.
[in] Pointer to PXC_Rect containing the new pages media box's dimensions.
[in, defaultvalue(NULL)] Pointer to IProgressMon containing the progress monitor. Note that the IPXV_Inst::ProgressMon property should be used to get the progress monitor from the instance.
[out, defaultvalue(NULL)] Pointer to IPXC_UndoRedoData containing the filled Undo/Redo data if any was given to be filled.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.

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