IPXC_Inst::CreateGetPageTextOptions Method

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The method of interface of PDF-XChange Editor SDK.


HRESULT CreateGetPageTextOptions([in]           ULONG                      nVersion,
                                 [out, retval]  IPXC_GetPageTextOptions**  pGetTextOptions);


[in] Version of the Page Text Options creation can be 1 or 2.
1 - partial line merge (only in pdf order)
2 - line merge, only with neighbors (pdf or reversed pdf order)
[out, retval] Pointer to IPXC_GetPageTextOptions.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.


private PDFXEdit.IPXC_PageText GetTextFromPage(PDFXEdit.IPXC_Page pPage, PDFXEdit.PXV_Inst pInst)
	//Getting PXC Instance
	PDFXEdit.IPXC_Inst pCInst = (PDFXEdit.IPXC_Inst)pInst.GetExtension("PXC");
	//2 - line merge, only with neighbors (pdf or reversed pdf order)
	PDFXEdit.IPXC_GetPageTextOptions pOpts = pCInst.CreateGetPageTextOptions(2);
	//Getting page text
	return pPage.GetText(pOpts);

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