IPXC_Document::Info Property

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Property Info of interface IPXC_Document returns Pointer to IPXC_DocumentInfo containing document information (creation/modification dates, info variable from the PDF structure).


HRESULT get_Info([out, retval]  IPXC_DocumentInfo**  pDocInfo);


private void ReadDocInfo(PDFXEdit.IPXC_Document Doc)
	string sTitle = Doc.Info[PDFXEdit.PXC_DocumentInfoKey.DocInfo_Title];
	string sAuthor = Doc.Info[PDFXEdit.PXC_DocumentInfoKey.DocInfo_Author];
	string sProducer = Doc.Info[PDFXEdit.PXC_DocumentInfoKey.DocInfo_Producer];
	string sCreator = Doc.Info[PDFXEdit.PXC_DocumentInfoKey.DocInfo_Creator];
	string sSubj = Doc.Info[PDFXEdit.PXC_DocumentInfoKey.DocInfo_Subject];
	string sKeyw = Doc.Info[PDFXEdit.PXC_DocumentInfoKey.DocInfo_Keywords];

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