IPXC_Document::DeferedDigitalPFX2 Method

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Adds a digital signature to the document, signs and places as required on the specified page. Uses a certificate stored in PKCS#7 format within the specified memory buffer. Note that the signature will be applied only after the document was saved.


HRESULT DeferedDigitalPFX2([in]  IMemBlock*  pPFXFileData,
                           [in]  LPWSTR      sPFXPassword,
                           [in]  ULONG       nFlags,
                           [in]  ULONG       nPageIdx,
                           [in]  PXC_Rect*   pRect,
                           [in]  LPWSTR      sReason,
                           [in]  LPWSTR      sLocation,
                           [in]  LPWSTR      sContactInfo,
                           [in]  LPWSTR      sImageFile);


[in] Pointer to IMemBlock containing a memory buffer where the signatories certificate (in PKCS#7 format) is stored. If there is more than one certificate stored within the specified buffer, the first located will be used.
[in] Value of LPWSTR is used to decrypt and verify the PFX packet from the pPFXFileData buffer.
[in] Value of ULONG containing the sign document flags that determine how the signature field should appear on the page.
[in] Value of ULONG containing the page index on which the signature field should be placed.
[in] Pointer to PXC_Rect specifying the bounding rectangle of the signature field.
[in] Value of LPWSTR specifying the reason for signing, such as (I agree...).
[in] Value of LPWSTR specifying the CPU host name or physical location of the signing.
[in] Value of LPWSTR specifying the information provided by the signatory to enable a recipient to contact the signatory to verify the signature; for example, a phone number.
[in] Value of LPWSTR specifying the full path and file name of the image (if any) to be displayed within the signature field.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.

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