IPXC_Document::DefaultCompression Property

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Property DefaultCompression of interface IPXC_Document returns/sets Pointer to IPXS_EncodeFiltersArray containing the encoding filters array that are used for the new PDF streams.


HRESULT get_DefaultCompression([in]           BSTR                       sPtreamType,
                               [out, retval]  IPXS_EncodeFiltersArray**  pEncoders);
HRESULT put_DefaultCompression([in]  BSTR                      sPtreamType,
                               [in]  IPXS_EncodeFiltersArray*  pEncoders);


[in] Value of BSTR containing one of the supported compression types. Possible values are: Image.TrueColor, Image.Gray, Image.Indexed, Image.Monochrome, General, Fonts, Page.Content, Attachments.

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