IPXC_AcroForm::Field Property

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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
See also [[PXV:IPXC_AcroForm|IPXC_AcroForm]].
See also [[PXV:IPXC_AcroForm|IPXC_AcroForm]], [[PXV:IPXC_FormField|IPXC_FormField]], [[PXV:IPXC_AcroForm_FieldsCount|FieldsCount]].

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Returns a terminal field by its zero-based index.


HRESULT get_Field([in] ULONG nIndex, [out, retval] IPXC_FormField** ppField);


[in] 0-bases index of the field. Value should be in range [0, FieldsCount).

See Also

See also IPXC_AcroForm, IPXC_FormField, FieldsCount.