IPXC_AcroForm::Export Method

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Exports form data to a file of specified format.


HRESULT Export([in] IAFS_Name* pDest, [in] LPCWSTR sFormat, [in] IPXS_PDFVariant* pFieldsList, [in] VARIANT_BOOL bInclude, [in] ULONG nFlags);

== Parameters

IAFS_Name object that specifies the file where result of form export should be stored.
String value that defines the format of exported file. The possible values are: FDF, XFDF, HTML, XML.
Defines a list of fields that should be exported. If this parameter is nullptr all fields will be exported and parameter bInclude will be ignored.

Otherwise it should be a IPXS_PDFVariant object of PVT_Array type. If bInclude has value of VARIANT_FALSE, that array defines a list of fields that should be excluded from all fields list before exporting. Otherwise the list contains fields that should be exported. Array should contains PDF objects of fields or PDF objects with type PVT_String that represents name of field.

Combination of PXC_ExportFormFlags flags that modify export functionality.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.

See Also

See also IPXC_AcroForm, IAFS_Name.