IPXC_AcroForm::CreateField Method

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Adds a new form field with widget or adds new widget to existing field. If there is already a field specified by sName new widget will be added if nType corresponds to the type of existing field.


HRESULT CreateField([in] LPWSTR sName, [in] PXC_FormFieldType nType, [in] ULONG nPageIdx, [in] PXC_Rect* pRect, [out, retval] IPXC_FormField** ppField);


[in] Name of the field. Name may contains dot (.) character to specify full name of the field. If there are no field with specified name the method will add it to the form.
[in] Value of PXC_FormFieldType that specifies new field type.
[in] Specifies 0-based number of page in the document where widget should be added.
[in] Pointer to the PXC_Rect structure that defines position and size of the widget on the page. It maybe be empty only for FType_Signature type of field.
[out, retval] Pointer to IPXC_FormField that receives an object of newly created field.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.

See Also

See also IPXC_AcroForm, IPXC_Annotation.