IIXC_Page::FilterNoise Method

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The method applies Noise filter to the image page or its specified area.


HRESULT FilterNoise([in]  RECT*  stRect,
                    [in]  ULONG  nLevel,
                    [in]  ULONG  nFlags);


[in] Pointer to the RECT structure which defines the rectangular area where the function should be applied. If this parameter is NULL, the entire page will be processed.
Please note that partial processing of an area of a page is not supported for all image formats. For example, it is not supported for indexed images, because pixels in such images do not contain a color, but an index into a color table (or palette) which is common for the entire page
[in] Specifies noise level.
[in] Specifies the type of the filter. Could be one of the following Noise types.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.

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