IIXC_Page::AlphaPlace Method

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AlphaPlace copies a specified rectangular area from one page into another using a specified level of transparency. If the alpha parameter is 255, this function is equal to function IIXC_Page::Place.


HRESULT AlphaPlace([in]  IIXC_Page*  srcFrom,
                   [in]  LONG        nSX,
                   [in]  LONG        nSY,
                   [in]  UCHAR       nAlpha,
                   [in]  ULONG       nFlags,
                   [in]  RECT*       pRect);


[in] Pointer to IIXC_Page of the source page from which the area is to be copied.
[in] Specifies the x-coordinate, in pixels, of the upper-left corner of the source rectangle.
[in] Specifies the y-coordinate, in pixels, of the upper-left corner of the source rectangle.
[in] Specifies the transparency level. Range of values is from 0 to 255. Value 0 means that srcPage is fully transparent, value 255 means that srcPage is fully opaque.
[in] Combination of flags which specifies how the data will be copied. For more details about this parameter, see enum IXC_ColorFlags.
[in] Pointer to the RECT structure which defines the destination rectangle.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.

See Also

See also IIXC_Page, IIXC_Page::Place, IXC_ColorFlags.