IIXC_Image::Load Method

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The method loads an image from the selected file.


HRESULT Load([in]                   LPWSTR  pImagePath,
             [in, defaultvalue(0)]  ULONG   nFlags);


[in] Value of LPWSTR is the null-terminated file name string.
[in, defaultvalue(0)] The following flag can be used to specify how the image will be loaded.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.


By default Load opens the image file, acquires information about all pages, decodes all of them, and closes the file. This is a good approach for single page files, but when dealing with large multipaged files this may cause unnecessary memory usage and perfomance degradation. To avoid this situation Load should be called with the ImageLoad_Deferred flag. In this case the image file will be analyzed, information about its pages will be acquired, but actual page data will not be decoded immediately.

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