IAUX_Inst::FormatHRESULT Method

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Formats the result string.


HRESULT FormatHRESULT([in]                   HRESULT  nErrCode,
                      [in, defaultvalue(0)]  ULONG    nFlags,
                      [out, retval]          BSTR*    sRes);


[in] Value of HRESULT containing the result code that needs to be formatted.
[in, defaultvalue(0)] Value of ULONG containing the formatting flags (can be 1 or 0). If 1 was specified then the short formatting will be used. If 0 was specified then full formatting will be used (this will add the "<Severity> [<Facility>]: " prefix).
[out, retval] Pointer to BSTR containing the formatted result string.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.

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